Frequently Asked Questions

How many years is an EPC Certificate Valid?

An EPC Certificate is valid for 10 years or whenever a property is put up for sale or rent and the procuedure usually takes up to one hour to complete.

What is the best EPC rating?

EPC Rating A is the most efficient going through alphabetically to G being the least efficient.

What is the procedure for an EPC?

We examine the main items as follows: double glazing, windows, boiler, hot water tank, insulation in the loft and radiators etc.

Is there a penalty for not providing an EPC?

Yes. There is a penalty charge. Call us for more information.

What is the cost for an EPC Certificate?

Our prices start from £42.50.

What if the outcome of our survey gives a low rating?

There are numerous ways to improve energy efficiency within your home or premises. We will happily discuss and advise you on this at the time of the survey.