Legionella Risk Assessment

Experienced Legionella Risk Assessors

Naturally found in fresh water, Legionella can transfer to your water tanks and can cause Legionnaires' disease. A Legionella risk assessment is now a legal requirement for all landlords and home owners in the UK. At JackRey Services, our fully trained and experienced assessors can undertake risk assessments of your hot and cold water systems. Our risk assessment service has been developed in compliance with the UK Health and Safety Executive ACOP L8 and the Health and Safety Commission.

During assessments, our team will assess the usage and temperature of your water systems. We will inspect all water storage tanks, heating systems, showers, and taps. We will identify and evaluate the potential sources of risk. Our assessors will outline the current condition of your water systems. We will carry out remedial action when necessary. We will also recommend a monitoring regime.

Legionella Risk Assessments

At JackRey Services, we offer comprehensive Legionella risk assessment services to customers in Bristol and Weston-super-Mare.