Yate and Chipping Sodbury EPCs (energy performance certificates) are our specialist service at JackRey Services 

When you’re in need of an energy performance certificate in Yate or Chipping Sodbury, you’ll be looking for an expert assessor, a company which is responsive and offering a good price. That is exactly what we offer with our Yate and Chipping Sodbury EPC service. We have over 13 years’ experience, low costs and can get your certificate to you within 24 hours of the survey. 
Residential EPCs for homeowners, rental EPCs for landlords and workplace EPCs for commercial customers – we can do it all. 

Residential EPCs in Yate and Chipping Sodbury 

After an EPC in Yate or Chipping Sodbury? You might be selling your property, changing legal ownership or have instigated major building works which require an EPC. 
Whatever your need, a local domestic energy assessor in Yate or Chipping Sodbury like us is perfect for getting the job done at a time convenient for you. Get in touch to make your appointment. If you need it, due to our insurance going beyond the industry standard, we can give expert advice on achieving an improved energy performance rating, too. 

Yate and Chipping Sodbury landlord EPCs 

Most landlords know that strict energy performance requirements are now part of the landscape for rental properties. We hold additional insurance cover which means we can provide you with specialist consultancy on ways you can make your properties more energy efficient to comply with the legislation – this level of insured service cannot be offered by every energy assessor. 
As minimum levels for EPC certificates in Yate and Chipping Sodbury rented properties are rising, we can be your trusted expert. 
If you own more than a single property, we can offer you multi-EPC discounts. 

Yate and Chipping Sodbury commercial EPCs 

If it is a commercial EPC in Yate or Chipping Sodbury that you need, we can help with that. We can provide an assessor service to create your commercial EPC certificate, and if you need EPC consultancy to improve energy performance we can do that too. 
We have invested in additional insurance (more than the industry standard), which allows us to offer you specialist advice on enhancing the energy performance band of your commercial properties – This will boost the desirability of your property if you are leasing it out, in addition to meeting the legal energy performance targets. 
We can give multi-EPC discounts if you need more than one commercial EPC certificate in Yate or Chipping Sodbury. 

EPC Requirements  

The government sets lower limits for energy performance called minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES). There are plans for MEES to be raised in the coming years and for their scope to be expanded. 
Traditionally it has been rental properties that MEES have focused on, but future legislation will cover all properties. 
Domestic premises – We expect that where practical, cost-effective and affordable, all domestic properties must reach an EPC band C by 2033. 
Privately rented properties – We expect that where practical, cost-effective and affordable, all privately rented properties must reach an EPC band C by 2028. 
Rented non-domestic buildings – We expect that where practical, cost-effective and affordable, all privately rented properties must reach an EPC band B by 2030. 
Social housing, mortgage lenders and new builds are also planned to be specifically covered in the legislation. If you want to know more about this, call us. 

Our process for EPCs in Yate and Chipping Sodbury 

Having many years of EPC Yate and Chipping Sodbury experience, we have refined an efficient process for carrying out your energy performance certificate in Yate or Chipping Sodbury: 
Contact us to tell us what you need for your Yate or Chipping Sodbury EPC survey. 
We’ll schedule an appointment to see you as soon as we can. 
We’ll visit your property and complete the survey, usually within one hour. 
We will send out your EPC certificate, normally within 24 hours. 

Why choose JackRey for EPCs in Yate and Chipping Sodbury? 

JackRey Services is a seasoned Yate and Chipping Sodbury EPC provider. Our nimble team is responsive, reliable, friendly, with local understanding and lots of capacity. With more capacity than a one-man-band and better local knowledge than a national chain we are a perfect fit for you. By understanding the materials Yate and Chipping Sodbury’s buildings are built from, we can give you highly accurate EPCs. We have both male and female energy assessors. 
Our additional insurance we invest in sets us apart from many EPC assessors. It allows us to provide expert consultancy on energy efficiency improvements if your building is not up to the standard you want. With this insurance we can advise you on solutions to uprate your EPC certificate Yate and Chipping Sodbury band rating prior to it being lodged – exactly what is required with more restrictive MEES legislation in the pipeline. 
This type of consultancy might not be on offer from alternative EPC assessors. 
Looking for advice? The insurance we carry lets us provide a full EPC consultancy service if wanted. 
Need a quick response? Our nimble team can assist you quickly. 
Need a company with a long track record? We have performed in excess of 10,000 EPCs. 
Want to hear it from our customers? 
“Jon from JackRey knows his stuff. I was trying to work out why a flat had such a low EPC and potential EPC to inform an investment decision. Jon kindly explained what had happened to cause this which has put me in a far better informed position. He clearly knows his stuff and was generous with his time.” Simon Deeming 
“Jon has provided me professional advice and huge support on improving my EPC level, after the recent EPC assessment by the other company and it was downgraded. Will highly recommend without any hesitation.” Ann 
“Managed to squeeze me in the next day, quick, efficient and friendly service from enquiry to payment.” Jemma Green 
“Excellent service, honest and reliable, thank you Jon. I highly recommend. EPC received the same day - excellent all round.” Mary Morris 
“Jon is great! I needed an EPC urgently to enable my sale to go through, and he managed to come straight round and upload an EPC within the day. He’s a lovely guy, very pleasant to meet. Thank you Jon.” Sarah 

EPC consultancy in Yate and Chipping Sodbury 

The JackRey consultancy service stands us out from competitors. If you need advice on how you can improve your Yate or Chipping Sodbury EPC band to meet the heightened MEES regulations, we can provide it. 
The in-house process we have developed has eight stages, covering: surveying, seeking out the quick wins for you, modelling theoretical improvements, recommendations, hypothetical surveying based upon implementation, and final energy performance certificate lodging after any improvements are completed. 

EPC in Clevedon and Portishead FAQs 

When is an EPC needed? 
Normally, property transactions (like selling or renting out) and major building works are the kind of activities that may trigger the need to get an EPC certificate. 
How long do EPC certificates last? 
EPC certificates in Yate and Chipping Sodbury (as with the rest of the UK) last as long as ten years. A replacement EPC may be required should certain changes be made to a building, or it goes on the market for sale or rent. 
How much time does an EPC assessment take? 
EPC assessors in Yate and Chipping Sodbury will normally be able to complete a survey in 60 minutes, subject to the property size. 
How much does an EPC certificate Yate or Chipping Sodbury cost? 
JackRey provide EPC certificates Yate and Chipping Sodbury from £45. 
What does EPC stand for? 
EPC is an abbreviation for energy performance certificate. They record the energy efficiency of a building from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient). The minimum levels required on this scale are getting higher. 
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